Swan WC forte

Swan WC forte
Swan WC forte

ecological WC cleaning detergent; intended for removal of limescale; capacity - 750 ml;

Article Number421051746/ 4001249

ManufacturerEcover Professional

Product Description

Ecological, ready-to-use cleaning detergent for removal of lime scale. Quickly and completely removes lime scale from toilet bowls and urinals. Swan WC forte does not damage the surfaces, drainpipes and septic tanks. Do not use on limestone-containing surfaces, e.g., marble, cobble, etc. Use: squeeze detergent on hard-to-reach places of toilet bowl and urinals, let it take effect for up to 10 min, clean with a toilet bowl brush and rinse with water. Do not mix Swan WC forte with active chlorine-containing substances (for example, chlorine whitener).

Files and Manuals

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